Zions Zen Model Horse Show



Zion Zen


Horse Show

December 2nd 2017

All are still pending, for show status renewal

****This is a NAN Qualifying Show****
1st and 2nd placements to be awarded cards

****Western Conference of Model Horse Showers approved show!****
1st-3rd placing models in all classes in all divisions will also be awarded:
 Golden West Championship Show (Region 2) Qualifying show!!!

Hosted By Alison Ural-Cawley

Located in Hurricane Utah

Judging is fun, educational, and adds needed variety to the show. 
  The more judges, the more classes can be provided
(the more NAN placements, and better overall improvements to the show for
next year and its success)

Volunteer Judges
 receive $12.00 off entry fee

All Judging will follow the NAMHSA rules and regulations: at this link


2017 ENTRANTS all people are pending (hopping to come), unless payed (or sure attending :)  )

Tandy Bradshaw

Shelley Hogle  $PAYED

Alison Martin

Donna Anderson

Cece O Connor

Ashley Arents Bowen  $PAYED              Show Donator THANK YOU!!!!

Hanna Kay Wang

Laura Jennings

Jacen Tooley

Tack Robinson

2017 Proxie ENTRANTS

A very informative link on Facebook, cut and paste this address to read more!


Another great information link from the Pony Box addressing live model horse showing preparation


***Class Number Set Up:                                     NEW 2017 Division Split (CM's AND CM's MINI's :)  )
~OF Stone  (OFS  1-34)
             Halter NAN cards (green)
~OF Breyer  (OFB  1-34)
             Halter NAN cards (green)
~Artist Resins all sizes (AR 1-34)
             Halter NAN cards (green)
             Workmanship NAN cards (yellow)
~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones)  (OFM   1-34)  
             Halter NAN cards (green)
~Customs  (CM   1-34)
              Halter NAN cards (green)
              Workmanship NAN cards (yellow)
~NEW Custom MINI's (CM MINI 1-34)
              Halter NAN cards (green)
              Workmanship NAN cards (yellow)

Have been requested to do a china division, need a judge if I'm to incorporate it in for 2018, and be able to split AR into AR and AR Mini for 2018 Also

2017 Judges Set Up

(7) Divisions (Judges)

OFS    ~OF Stone.............                                       Halter                                          Ashley Arents Bowen
OFB    ~OF Breyer..............                                                                                         Shelley Hogle
AR       ~Artist Resins (ALL sizes).............               Halter                                          TBA
                                                                                 Workmanship                              TBA
OFM    ~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones)..............                                                        Alisono or Laura J.
CM      ~Customs (Non-Resins Large Models)........Halter                                          Hanna Kay Wang
                                                                                 Workmanship                             Jasmine Cawley
CM Mini's ~Custom Mini's............................            Halter                                         TBA
                                                                                  Workmanship                            TBA
Fantasy Classes..............LUNCH.......                      Yellow Cards                             Alison Cawley

NAMHSA Region Map break Down in this link, its is an excellent informational Sight!

~cut and paste link above to see~