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Class List and Class Divisions

Zions Zen Model Horse Show Judges

October 22nd 2016

ALL CM classes will be DOUBLE JUDGED, for 2 workmanship cards per class.

These will be judged differently, so it will NOT always be the same placings as the 1st and 2nd place halter class models.

Class Entry Limits:

3 models per exhibitor per class

Index Information Cards:      ~please print clearly~        If you want your CM MODELS judged for Workmanship, you WILL NEED 2 CARDS per model

       ~Front:  Class Number, Breed, Gender

       ~Back:  Horses Name,    Owner Name

***Class Number Set Up:
~OF Stone  (OFS  1-34)  
~OF Breyer  (OFB  1-34)
~Artist Resins  (AR 1-34)
~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones)  (OFM   1-34)  
~Customs (Non-Resin ALL sizes)  (CM   1-34)

Please Remember:

On CM models the artist IS NOT to be stated anywhere one the cards.

You will need a 3 x 5 index card for each horse in each class.

These cards will be collected and kept through the top 6 placing models records.

Please have explanation cards on your models if not to the standard breed info.

****Bring extra blank cards, you might end up needing them :)

(5) Divisions (Judges)
OFS    ~OF Stone..............TBA
OFB    ~OF Breyer..............Alison Ural-Cawley AND Jasmine Calwey
AR       ~Artist Resins (ALL sizes).............TBA
OFM    ~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones)..............TBA
CM      ~Customs (Non-Resin ALL sizes)............TBA

34 Classes
Light Breeds:
1. Arabian
2. Part-Arabian
3. Spanish Breeds (All/Specified)
4. NSH / ASB
5. MFT / TWH
6. Other Pure/Part Light Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Stock Breeds:
7. Quarter Horse
8. Mustang
9. Appaloosa
10. Paint
11. Other Pure/Part Stock Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Sport Breeds:
12. TB/SB
13. Warmbloods (Specified)
14. Coaching/Carriage Type Breeds (Specified)
15. Other Pure/Part Sport Type Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Pony Breeds:
16. American Pony Breeds (Specified)
17. European Pony Breeds (Specified)
18. Other Pure/Part Pony Breeds


Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Fantasy:  Set up and judged at lunch!!  NAN qualifying~
-OF Unicorn (All)
-CM Unicorn (All)
-OF Pegasis (All)
CM Pegasis (All)
Fantasy equine eligibility **is now approved** and limited to equine-based "unicorns" and "pegasi" (or a combination of the two) only **in OF Collectibility and CM/AR Workmanship classes only. (approved 12-0, 3/13, #45299)**.  
   #14. Coaching/Carriage Type Breeds.

EX: Frisians, Cleveland Bay, Kladruber, Gelderlanders, Dutch Harness Horse, Tuigpaards, Hackney Horse, French Trotter, Orlov Trotter, Dole Trotter, Irish Cob, Gypsy Vanner, and so on.

#19, Draft Ponies, has been removed, for now it can go under "Other".  IF we have to many in the class, we will divide it to accommodate better placings/judging, Ill have extra cards in case.

Please keep your concerns and questions coming, as I have stated, if your wondering, someone else might also be, I will post updates on home page also. This was a needed fix to better the Sport Breeds classes, thank you.

Draft Breeds:
19. Clydesdale/Shire
20. Belgian/Percheron
21. Other Europian
22. Other American
23. Other Part/Pure Draft Breeds


Champion ~ Reserve Champion

24. Light
25. Stock
26. Spanish
27. Draft
28. Pony
29. Sport
30. Other/Part/Pure Foals (Including Donkey, Zebra, Exotics & Mule Foals)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

31.Miniature Horse
32. Donkey
33. Mules (all types)
34. Zebras/ All Other Exotics (all types)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

A quick reference on gaited horse breeds since there was a question on some: This is a "general" list, there are others not on here.

Just about 500 NAN cards to be handed out!  Come and get yours :)