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December 2nd 2017

ALL CM and AR classes will be DOUBLE JUDGED, for halter and workmanship. 

These will be judged differently, so it will NOT always be the same placings as the 1st and 2nd place halter class models.

Class Entry Limits:

3 models per exhibitor per class

Index Information Cards:      ~please print clearly~       

If you want your CM MODELS judged for Workmanship, you WILL NEED 2 CARDS per model, put workmanship at the TOP of the second card for that judging.


       ~Front:  Class Number, Breed, Gender

       ~Back:  Horses Name,    Owner Name

***Class Number Set Up:                                     NEW 2017 Division Split (CM's AND CM's MINI's :)  )

***Class Number Set Up: NEW 2017    Division Split (CM's AND CM's MINI's :) )
~OF Stone (OFS 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
~OF Breyer (OFB 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
~Artist Resins all sizes (AR 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
 Workmanship 1-4th small certificate placings
~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones) (OFM 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
~Customs (CM 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
 Workmanship 1-4th small certificate placings
~NEW Custom MINI's (CM MINI 1-34)
 Halter 1-6th placing ribbons
 Workmanship 1-4th small certificated placings

Have been requested to do a china division, need a judge if I'm to incorporate it in for 2018, and be able to split AR into AR and AR Mini for 2018 Also

Please Remember:

On CM models the artist IS NOT to be stated anywhere one the cards.

You will need a 3 x 5 index card for each horse in each class.    ONE FOR HALTER, AND ONE FOR WORKMANSHIP for EACH horse

These cards will be collected and kept through the top 6 placing models records.

Please have explanation cards on your models if not to the standard breed info.

****Bring extra blank cards, you might end up needing them :)

34 Classes
Light Breeds:
1. Arabian
2. Part-Arabian
3. Spanish Breeds (All/Specified)
4. NSH / ASB
5. MFT / TWH
6. Other Pure/Part Light Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Stock Breeds:
7. Quarter Horse
8. Mustang
9. Appaloosa
10. Paint
11. Other Pure/Part Stock Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Sport Breeds:
12. TB/SB
13. Warmbloods (Specified)
14. Coaching/Carriage Type Breeds (Specified)
15. Other Pure/Part Sport Type Breeds (Specified)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Pony Breeds:
16. American Pony Breeds (Specified)
17. European Pony Breeds (Specified)
18. Other Pure/Part Pony Breeds


Champion ~ Reserve Champion

Fantasy:  Set up and judged at lunch!!  NAN qualifying~
-OF Unicorn (All)
-CM Unicorn (All)
-OF Pegasis (All)
CM Pegasis (All)
   #14. Coaching/Carriage Type Breeds.

EX: Frisians, Cleveland Bay, Kladruber, Gelderlanders, Dutch Harness Horse, Tuigpaards, Hackney Horse, French Trotter, Orlov Trotter, Dole Trotter, Irish Cob, Gypsy Vanner, and so on.

#19, Draft Ponies, has been removed, for now it can go under "Other".  IF we have to many in the class, we will divide it to accommodate better placings/judging, Ill have extra cards in case.

Please keep your concerns and questions coming, as I have stated, if your wondering, someone else might also be, I will post updates on home page also. This was a needed fix to better the Sport Breeds classes, thank you.

Draft Breeds:
19. Clydesdale/Shire
20. Belgian/Percheron
21. Other Europian
22. Other American
23. Other Part/Pure Draft Breeds


Champion ~ Reserve Champion

24. Light
25. Stock
26. Spanish
27. Draft
28. Pony
29. Sport
30. Other/Part/Pure Foals (Including Donkey, Zebra, Exotics & Mule Foals)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

31.Miniature Horse
32. Donkey
33. Mules (all types)
34. Zebras/ All Other Exotics (all types)

Champion ~ Reserve Champion

A quick reference on gaited horse breeds since there was a question on some: This is a "general" list, there are others not on here.