Zions Zen Model Horse Show



Date:    2017 December 2nd (Back up Date December 9th)     Zions Zen Model Horse Show

Time:    Doors will be open at 7:00 AM - were done

Stare Time:  8:00 AM depending on if everyone is set up.  Please come early though so we CAN get started at 8 AM.

Lunch: There will be a 1 hour lunch break, time is to be determined during the show.

We will need to work together keep the show hall clean, and move classes along at a good speed.

Location: PENDING


Washington County Legacy Park  Exhibit Building
5500 W. 700 S. Hurricane Utah

Show Host Information:

Alison Ural-Cawley

auralcawley    @    yahoo OR gmail (dot) com  (no spaces, added them to protect myself from spam)

2017 Judges:


THE MORE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE, THE MORE I CAN BREAK DOWN CLASSES, THE MORE NAN CARDS I CAN OFFER EVERYONE!!  $12.00 off entry fee for any one who judges!  I just need enough funds to cover the costs for the hall, NAN cards, Western Conference cards, ribbons, and certificates.

All NAMSHA Bylaws & Policies apply at this show.

*CM Classes, are being double judged for workmanship also. 

NOTE: These will be judged differently, so it will NOT always be the same placings as the 1st and 2nd place halter class models.

Judges may not show in a Division they are judging, or judge if they have a cm piece in that said class ( If your piece shows up on the table, let me know, and Ill cover judging that said class)

Judge’s Decisions:
Decisions of the judges are final!  Please do not question them while they are judging a class.  If you have a question regarding a placing, please ask the judge politely and promptly after the class.  Please feel free to approach the show holder if there seems to be a serious conflict occurring during the actual judging … only the show holder may interrupt the judging for any reason.

PLEASE do not hover, take photographs or approach any portion of the table while the judge is judging a class, take photos before or after.

The show will move along at a steady pace, so please let the judges know if you need a bit extra time getting your horses to the rings.

Showers and guests are expected to be courteous and considerate at all times.


Please respect all other showers, and their models.

AVOID bumping into tables, swing wide, to prevent model domino's!

DO NOT at any time, handle other people's models (or property) with out permission.

There are no animals allowed in the building except assistance animals.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the building.  Smokers must be 20 ft out from the building at all times, this is Utah Law.

Show holder reserves the right to ask anyone who cannot follow these rules to leave.

Please keep your area free of trash.

Class Entry Limits:

3/ class

Index Information Cards:      ~please print clearly~

       ~Front:  Class Number,  Breed, Gender

       ~Back:  Horses Name,    Owner Name

***Class Number Set Up:
~OF Stone  (OFS  1-36)  
~OF Breyer  (OFB  1-36)
~Artist Resins  (AR 1-36)
~OF Mini's (Breyer and Stones)  (OFM   1-36)  
~Customs (Non-Resin Large sizes)  (CM   1-36)
~Mini CM's (Non-Resin Mini's) (CM  Mini  1-36)

Fantasy:  Set up and judged at lunch!!  NAN qualifying~
-OF Unicorn (All)
-CM Unicorn (All)
-OF Pegasus (All)
CM Pegasus (All)


On CM models the artist IS NOT to be stated anywhere one the cards.

You will need a 3 x 5 index card for each horse in each class.

These cards will be collected and kept through the top 6 placing models records.

Please have explanation cards on your models if not to the standard breed info.

***Bring extra blank cards, you might end up needing them :)

Explanation Cards:

Explanation cards are welcome & recommended for unusual breeds, cross breeds, and color types.

Nothing larger than ONE 8 ½ X 11 in (printer paper size) with the information and photos on it. Anything bigger will be asked to be removed from the judging table.


Paper Flat Ribbons for 1st ~ 6th

         ~The top 6 placing models cards will be collected for record information model count will be provided.


         ~ 1-4th places will be awarded small certificates

Each Divisions 1st and 2nd place models will be called back for Champion & Reserve Champion Awards

       ~Ribbons, and NAN cards must be with your model for re-judging.

We will have tables set aside for these models to be places on as we judge each class.

General Class Information:

Classes may be split, combined or canceled, depending upon the number of entries, at the discretion of the judge and/or show holder.

Scale Descriptions:

The models commonly termed Traditional and/or Classic will show in the regular classes.  Models commonly termed Stablemate, Tiny Mite, Littlebit, Pebbles and Chips will show in the Mini classes where a mini class alternative is noted.

Raffle Tickets:

$1.00 each

Tickets will be available for everyone at the show to purchase through out the day, unlimited amount, and online.

     ~Online raffle ticket purchases must be received by October 3rd 2015, or they will not be accepted.

                 In payment NOTES it must not say RAFFLE ticket purchase, JUST TICKET purchase, for what donation and number of tickets.

                 Any purchases over $10, please add $1/$10.00 sent to cover Pay Pals fee deduction.

     ~Please contact me and state what your wanting to purchase tickets for, and how many, PayPal is the only payment method accepted here.  Your name will be written down on the back of a ticket, and added to the bag.  auralcawley @ yahoo (dot) come  (no spaces)

Raffle items will be on display online on the donations page, and on a table at the show for the competitors to look over through out the day.  

      ~If the winner is an online purchaser, they will be informed within 48 hours of the show date (no later than the evening of Monday October 12th 2015) that they have won that item, exact shipping costs will be determined, and payment for items shipping will be required via PayPal within 3 days, October 15th 2015 PM.

     ~Online raffle winners ARE fully responsible responsible for S&H fees to get it home.


Sponsorship will be accepted at $2.00 per class, $5.00 per division. These help fund the 2017 ZZMHS show, and future shows.

         ~All sponsors will receive recognition in the show program. :)

         ~And thank you if you do, these really do help cover the costs!

Show Hall Size:



Large Banquet

Banquet Tables:  $45.00/ table

18 available (2 chairs/table)

Late entries, 5 days before show, we will talk, I'm not to worried about this.


Sales are welcome on your table.  Please have price tags visible for other members to see.

If you'd like me to note that you'll have sales pieces available, let me know, and Ill add it on the home page.

Payment Methods:

**Cash, delivered in full on the day of the show, only if communicated, and agreed by myself first!!

**Money Orders, please make out to Alison Ural-Cawley, noted for Zions Zen Model Horse Show, must be post dated if mailed 2 weeks minimum before show date.

**Checks, again please make out to Alison Ural-Cawley, note ZZMHS

**Pay Pal will be accepted with an additional service fee of  $2.00. Your full entrance fee must still amount to $45.00, remember, this is how I cover show hall costs, I'm not trying to be mean, I have to cover costs or I cant afford to host a show again! (its not cheap!! :( )  Just add it to you total please ($47.00, and write in notes, your name, and that its a payment for the Zions Zen Model Horse Show)   auralcawley    @    yahoo (dot) com  (no spaces, did to protect my account from spam)

Proxy Fees:

Proxy Showing~ Fee is $3.00/model

(2 models/class/competitor)

Proxy show models, Ill need a full list of all models to be sent, along with payment, to the show host before the cut off date it will help with results.

If models that are not on the list are in the ring, they will be disqualified, and asked to be removed from the table.

Models must be sent with cards, all required information must be present.

This is not the show hosts, or judges responsibility, its yours and the proxy showers.

You may send your models with anyone attending the show, if they are willing to proxy show for you :)  List of entrants will be updated regularly.

     ~$5.00 discount given to anyone who will be willing to proxy show someone elces models for them.  Contact me if your doing so.  It must be recorded, and payed in full/model before accepted.  Models are to be sent to YOU, the proxy shower and to be mailed or returned to the owner on record, with in 5 days of show date.  Owner of proxy models to pay ALL shipping fees, where they apply.

All entries must be received, and payed in full 2 weeks before the show, with all information, and who's showing your models.

Refund/Cancellation Policies:

Refunds will not be issued 2 weeks prior the shows date, no later.

Refunds will be happily be returned before this 2 week mark with proper communication. (life happens, I understand)


Family and friends are always welcome at the show, but please make sure they understand all the rules, and regulations of model horse showing.They are to at all times respect other showers property!  If they do not follow the rules, they will be asked to leave the hall.  Younger children MUST be attended at ALL times, never running around in the show hall.


A signed release form from each entrant (or  guardian if you are under 18) is required. 

You may also bring your signed release form with you and submit it to me at the show, as long as we have agreed upon this before hand.  There must be communication about bringing it though.  Blank sheets will be available just in case.